Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lalaloopsy Cupcake Toppers

How To Make Lalaloopsy Cupcake Toppers

For our daughters 4th birthday I wanted to make some sort of "character" that she liked for a birthday cake/birthday cupcake. It seemed like all of the character's she enjoyed were hard to make into a cupcake/cake. I needed something quick and easy! She likes the Ninja Turtles...Octonauts....Barbie...and those all seemed somewhat complicated to make into a cake/cupcake. So, in my pondering I looked down on the ground...and there it was! I saw our Lalaloopsy blanket and thought "AHA!" Perfect! Naturally the first thing I did was head to pinterest and look for a how to make Lalaloopsy cupcakes. And to my disappointment, everything was made out of fondant...or looked WAY too complicated to make. I needed something fast and easy! So, here are the Lalaloopsy cupcake toppers I came up with!

What You Need

You will need some sort of flat wafer cookie to decorate. In perusing the cookie/cracker aisle at Publix I found these "Maria Cookies" According to the package they are Spain's #1 cookie. They're a great cookie to decorate because they are sturdy and not too sweet. The butter-cream icing you will be decorating with adds a touch of sweetness to the cookie making it taste a little better. :)


2 pkgs of Maria cookies
1 recipe of buttercream icing
4 drops of hot pink food coloring (I used McCormick's)
9 drops of black food coloring
Piping Bag
Cake decorating tip 10
cake decorating tip 4

Separate buttercream icing into two bowls. Add black food coloring drops to one bowl and pink food coloring drops to other bowl. Stir until you have a smooth consistency and no white icing is showing.

Once colors are to your liking, fill piping bag with hot pink icing equipped with a number 10 tip. Make 3 lines in varying lengths on each side of the cookie to look like hair. Once this is done add bangs to connect the hair.

With a piping bag fitted with a number 4 tip, make the bow and think "2 triangles" All a bow is, is 2 triangles when you are cake decorating. Make black triangles with your cake decorating tip 4 and make sure they are connected to look like a bow. :) Next make 3 small lines in the form of a smile on the cookie. Change back to tip 10 and make Lalaloopsy eyes. Place on top of your favorite cupcakes! These are quick and easy!



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