Thursday, July 24, 2014

House Blessing P A R T Y

House Blessing Brownies!

 We bought a new house and for the first time had a house blessing! So, I decided to make lots of "houseE" things for the party. These brownies are so simple and would be great for a house warming party! I made 3 boxes of 13x9 brownie mixes and added 1C of chocolate chips to each batch. They were delicious and looked super cute!


 Bake brownies according to box. Once brownies have cooled cut into rectangles then, cut two triangles off of each rectangle so that you are left with a "house" shape. :) So cute. When you have your house shapes all cut out, make your favorite buttercream icing. I used This buttercream recipe. When icing is done add your choice of food coloring and decorate with a 12 tip. I also used the grass tip by wilton #233 on the edges and stuck flower candies on the bottom. You can do SO much with these. Add any kind of flower candy for easy landscaping on your houses!